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Apple Aimed Originally for an Apple Watch Launch in 2014

clock September 26, 2014 07:06 by author Frank Ling

Two weeks ago all eyes and ears were pointed towards Apple in its long awaited announcement of its iPhone 6. But also highly expected was the reveal of the iWatch, which was rechristened the Apple Watch, due to trademark issues here in the United States.

But what wasn’t expected was the release date for the Apple Watch; most industry watchers predicted it would arrive by the end of 2014. But this didn’t happen and Apple announced the nebulous launch date of “sometime in early 2015.”

But up until the official news conference held for the Apple Watch and iPhone 6, even Apple employees were given the hint that the device would be available this year. So what happened and why did Apple delay the launch of the wearable device? More...

New iOS 8.01 Update for iPhone 6 Will Break It

clock September 24, 2014 15:34 by author Frank Ling

It’s a bit surprising if not downright disappointing that Apple released its iOS 8.01 update today with major bugs, which disables certain functions for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Not since the major snafu with the release of the Apple’s Maps App in 2012, where images and the locations of certain areas were either horribly distorted or mislabeled, has the company experienced such a PR embarrassment, not to mention irate customers.

Shortly after the Maps fumble that year, the executive in charge of software was let go. But apparently whoever replaced him will have to answer to this latest problem. So what happens if you upgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 8.01? More...

Amazon Unleashes New 6-inch Fire HD Tablet for $99

clock September 19, 2014 17:54 by author Frank Ling

Although the majority of tech news has centered on the launch of the iPhone 6 models and the long expected Apple Watch, another big event took place earlier this week without much fanfare, fireworks, or noise. It was the arrival of 5 “new” Amazon products.

These include two Kindle e-readers and three new Kindle Fire tablets. But the biggest buzz will certainly fall on the new Fire HD 6 tablet. This new device will cross the barrier into a new class of devices that can be called micro-tablets. They’ll have all the functionality of their bigger cousins, but offer a form factor resembling "phablets" such as the Galaxy Note series.

Will anyone bite for a small 6-inch display screen, or has Amazon missed the mark? We’ll take a look at the specs and features of this new Amazon tablet so you can make up your mind. More...

The Woz Loves the iPhone 6 and is Dropping Android

clock September 18, 2014 19:19 by author Frank Ling

For a long time Android fans have derided the small, dinky screens on iPhones and pointed to the superiority of their larger displays. Now that the iPhone 6 has been revealed, this chasm of screen sizes has not only narrowed, but has been bridged.

How important is this? For long-time Android fans, this may mean an important paradigm shift where small screen-size is no longer a deterrent in switching to an iPhone. This was unheard of as recently as last year, but with the advent of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this may be an important game changer.

So just how important is it? Steve Wozniak thinks the iPhone 6 is so great that he’s getting rid of all of his Android phones—that’s how important. More...

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Preorders Flood Apple

clock September 12, 2014 18:41 by author Frank Ling

In what many see as the biggest iPhone launch in Apple’s history, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are in very scarce supplies and the Apple website broke down on several occasions due to the mad rush by iPhone fans to get their preorders in today.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, predicted that the two bigger display iPhone 6s will be “the mother of all upgrades” and would entice Android users to jump ship and switch to the iOS platform. Perhaps, but we wouldn’t bet on that Timmy.

The iPhone rush seems to be in full swing and people are pushing on the virtual gates of Apple online stores, and physical Apple Stores to get a chance to get their iPhone 6s by September. More...

Apple Unveils the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch

clock September 9, 2014 15:59 by author Frank Ling

Today, in front of an expectant crowd of reporters, industry watchers, and the Apple faithful, Tim Cook took center stage to announce to the world:

                      “Today, we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone.”

Now whether Cook’s statement is fact or hyperbole will soon be proven as the first iPhone 6s start to roll out from Apple Stores across the nation and around the world. But what else is new aside from the larger display screens? We’ll take a look at the specs of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6s and see just what makes these iPhones the “biggest advancement in the history of iPhone.”

The long awaited iWatch, now officially dubbed the Apple Watch, raised a few eyebrows because of its styling, and features. And in fact, there isn’t just one Apple Watch, but three different versions to custom suit the needs of users. We’ll find out more about this too. More...

The iWatch Cometh: September 9

clock September 5, 2014 18:51 by author Frank Ling

The iPod, iPhone, and iPad are all successful products that helped established Apple as a technology company that was in business to develop new and exciting consumer products. As the next page turns on Apple’s book, it seems that all eyes will be on the release of its iWatch.

According to news sources we can expect this piece of equipment to come barreling down the road on September 9. But what will it be, what can it do, and will people be interested in buying this new gadget from Apple?

Right now there are more questions than answers, but we’ll try to go over the most important questions and what this may mean to the success, or lack thereof of the iWatch. More...

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone Is a Beast

clock September 3, 2014 15:24 by author Frank Ling

In 2011 Samsung unveiled the largest display size of any smartphone at the time—an astounding 5.3-inch diagonal screen. The thing was so big that some snickered and laughed that it wasn’t even a phone anymore, and was christened, in a derogatory sense, a “phablet,”—a cross between a tablet and phone.

But it seems that Samsung has the last laugh and the vehement detractors of the Galaxy Note are now nowhere to be found. Samsung’s latest iteration of this brand, the Galaxy Note 4, is not only a beast in its new screen size, but it has specs that will put almost any phone to shame. And yes sports fans, even the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

Will the Galaxy Note 4 be another hit for Samsung or will it just be another large-screened phone among a sea of competitors? We’ll take go over the specs and buzz of this new phone and see what it can do. More...

The Android L Operating System: What We Know So Far

clock August 29, 2014 07:24 by author Frank Ling

The next iteration of the Android system is coming up and some industry watchers expect some pretty exciting phones that are based upon the newest OS.

But what exactly will "Android L" do, and what can we expect from it? In the tradition of naming Android upgrades after food treats, and also being alphabetically sequential with each new addition, it has been speculated that Android 4.5/5.0 may be named either Lemon Meringue Pie or Lollipop. Cute.

Whatever it will be named, it will arrive sometime in autumn, and will offer a few definite perks for users such as extended battery life. Those who have installed KitKat have cried and decried the lousy battery time from these versions of Android. So hopefully this will change with Android L. More...

The Best Time to Sell Your iPhone 5 is Now

clock August 27, 2014 18:38 by author Frank Ling

When you see rumors about the new upcoming iPhone slowing down it can only mean one thing; the imminent launch of the device is near. Faithful iPhone fans are starting to count their pennies and dig into their sofas for loose change to get as much cash together as possible in order to upgrade to the iPhone 6.

Others are taking a more pragmatic route and will simply trade them in for cash towards their next iPhone. But the longer you wait, the more the trade in prices will drop, so to get top dollar, the time is ripe to sell it now.

So just how do you go about it, and what can you expect to get for your used iPhone 5? We’ll take a short tour and show you the ins and outs of how do it and how to pick a buyer. More...

Garmin Fēnix 2 Sports Smartwatch Is Your Personal Trainer

clock August 21, 2014 09:58 by author Frank Ling

If you are serious about running, biking, swimming, hiking, skiing, or just about any other sport, you can count on Garmin’s new sports training watch to keep track of all your vital signs, the distance you’ve traveled, crunch the numbers on how you are performing, and much more.

But even if you’re not so serious about these sports but would like to track your daily progress, the Fēnix 2 Running watch can be a very valuable element in making sure you’re improving and progressing in keeping in shape.

So what does this latest sports training watch do and what can you expect from it? As we will find out, although it looks like a typical digital sports watch, the features packed into this electronics device is impressive, if not a bit intimidating. More...

HTC One Now Available for Windows Phone 8.1 OS

clock August 19, 2014 16:12 by author Frank Ling

Before all you loyal Android OS fans start to shutter and shake, the switch to Windows isn’t a permanent one, but an option that will allow consumers to select between the standard Android system and Windows Phone 8.1 OS.

Now that a collective sigh of relief has been heard from everyone out there, the question is probably being asked, “Why a windows version of HTC’s flagship smartphone?” There is a lot of speculation but the main reason probably has to do with expanding HTC’s consumer base to allow it to bring in more business.

What does the Windows OS mean for fans of Microsoft products? And even more important will the HTC One M8 be dumbed down in any way under the Windows Phone operating system? More...

New Samsung Galaxy Alpha Smartphone Comes in a Metal Frame

clock August 15, 2014 14:32 by author Frank Ling

If there is one common criticism of higher end Samsung Galaxy phones such as the S4 and S5, it is the feel of cheap plastic that encases these phones. For some this is a non-issue, but for others it is a constant annoyance.

In September this will all change as Samsung will release the Galaxy Alpha smartphone to the world and yes ladies and gentlemen, it will sport an entirely metal frame.

While this is a welcome step for Samsung, apart from its new metal feature, will the phone be worth picking up, so to speak? What features will it have and which users are Samsung aiming this product at? More...

Acer Chromebook 13 Offers a Staggering 13 Hours of Battery Life

clock August 14, 2014 13:33 by author Frank Ling

If you wanted an HD Chromebook your choices were restricted to the only game in town—Samsung’s Chromebook 2. But there’s a new kid on the block that not only promises just as much power and features, this new Chromebook will also give you a whopping 13 hour battery life.

This new contender to the Chromebook wars is from Acer and its new product is named appropriately, the Chromebook 13.

Is this new laptop worth the purchase price and how does it stack up to similar products in its class? As we’ll find out, the Chromebook 13 is a lucky number and provides a lot of bang for your hard earned bucks. More...

Sprint and T Mobile Merger Is Canned: Sprint Axes CEO

clock August 9, 2014 20:06 by author Frank Ling

It seems that T-Mobile is turning out to be the bridesmaid but never the bride as far as merging is concerned. The first suitor to arrive at the doorstep was AT&T in 2011. It courted the company, brought flowers and candy, and things seemed to be on track for the eventual e-wedding.

The FCC and the Department of Justice proved to be the monkey wrench that finally shut the door on the wireless carrier conjunction. Why? Evidently the government agencies felt the merger wouldn’t be in the best interests of consumers and would drive prices up and eliminate fair competition.

In light of the first failed attempt by AT&T at the merger, a new character entered the aisle this year, Sprint, but even with high hopes of sealing the deal with T-Mobile, it too faced the prospect of running into gobs of government hurdles and red tape to push the union through. After further consideration and reflection Sprint finally said last week, “Forgetaboutit.” More...

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