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The iWatch May Actually be Named iTime

clock July 30, 2014 19:29 by author Frank Ling

The iPod, iTouch, iPad, and of course, the iPhone are the brand names of Apple’s highly successful products, and the prefix of the “i” precedes each new portable electronics line.

The press has already dubbed the new smartwatch from Apple as the iWatch, for obvious reasons. But it seems strange that the mention of the iWatch, by name from the company that is developing it, rarely if ever refers to it as the iWatch.

Apple is scurrying to lock down the trademark name of iWatch in different countries, but it appears that it has already been taken by other companies. And in the United States, the moniker is owned by a company named, appropriately enough, OMG. More...

Is Amazon Developing Its Own Google Glass-Type Eyewear?

clock July 24, 2014 07:00 by author Frank Ling

There was once a time when Amazon only sold books online. Now it is the world’s largest online store where you can buy just about anything. But Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, had higher goals for the company.

He charged his engineering staff to produce e-readers, tablets, and smartphones. But is there something else up Bezos’ sleeve? If recent events mean anything at all, Amazon may be planning on making its own version of computerized eyewear.

No announcement has been made of course, but a major mover and shaker in the development of Google Glass recently jumped ship and entered the port of Amazon. Is there an Amazon “Kindle Glass” coming in the future? More...

Nvidia Introduces the Shield 8-inch Gaming Tablet for Android

clock July 22, 2014 16:09 by author Frank Ling

Imagine playing games such as Half-Life 2, Plants vs. Zombies, or Minecraft on a specialized 8-inch tablet devoted to Android and PC gaming. If this is something that you have been hoping for, the waiting has ended with the Nvida Shield gaming tablet.

Last year Nvidia released its first gaming Shield device, which was comprised of a game controller directly attached to a 5-inch display screen. With the introduction of the Shield tablet, the controller-display combo has been renamed the Shield Portable.

The Shield tablet, however, offers some impressive features, PC game streaming ability, and other goodies that may lure some of the Android faithful into purchasing one. So let’s find out what makes the Shield tablet tick. More...

“New” Phone Maker Offers Super Inexpensive Alternatives

clock July 18, 2014 18:58 by author Frank Ling

Which cell phone maker has sold over 10 million units in over 40 countries and has only been around for less than 6 years? Which cell phone maker offers genuine unlocked phones for under $50?

Which cell phone manufacturer offers a high-end unlocked dual SIM capable android phone that is competitive with the “big boys” and costs less than $200?

The answer is BLU Products. This new kid on the block started manufacturing good, solid, inexpensive unlocked mobile phones since 2009 and hasn’t looked back. Who is Blu and are they the world’s best unknown phone manufacturer? More...

Larger iPhone 6 May be Delayed Due to Production Problems

clock July 16, 2014 19:05 by author Frank Ling

With all eyes on the coming launch of the iPhone 6, most news sources believe that the event will encompass a double launch of two versions of Apple’s new smartphones.

The smaller display version is on track for a September reveal, but the larger 5.5-inch display model may be running into production problems, and as a result could be headed for a delayed launch.

Rumors about broken launch times have plagued each new iPhone virtually every year, but as time comes up for the launch date, Apple somehow always meets its deadlines. Will this year signify a late launch for Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6? More...

“Secret” eBay Apple Store Selling Unlocked iPhone 5s Cheap

clock July 11, 2014 06:08 by author Frank Ling

OK, we know. If this eBay store was really a secret, than how do we know about it? That’s a point well taken. But according to sharp-eyed eBay shoppers, a store that mysteriously showed up in May is offering big discounts for refurbished, unlocked iPhone 5s.

The prices are even lower than refurb units found on Apple’s own website and are discounted about $200 less on certain models. The refurb iPhone 5s come in 16,32, and 64GB configurations.

Should you give the “Factory-Certified” store a try? If you’ve been waiting to buy an iPhone 5 at a reasonable price with a one-year factory warranty, and you’re not planning to buy an iPhone 6, then the answer is probably “yes” for you. More...

Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset Coming in September?

clock July 9, 2014 15:59 by author Frank Ling

VR headsets have been commercially available since the early 1990s and are used for training and simulation, for medical applications regarding surgery, and of course for video gaming.

Rumors are circulating that Samsung is gearing up for an official reveal of its VR headset in September at the IFA consumer electronics show held in Berlin, Germany.

Competition may be heating up in this area as Sony and Facebook are reportedly working on their own versions of VR headsets. The electronics industry is searching for its next big seller. Will Samsung’s “Gear VR” be that product? More...

Is Demand and Interest for Amazon’s Fire Phone Cooling Off?

clock July 3, 2014 12:00 by author Frank Ling

When Amazon started to make electronics for consumers, the rumor started that the massive online superstore would one day produce its own version of a smartphone.

This became a reality in mid-June this year after the Fire Phone's launch. Initial reactions to the phone have been tepid at best, while the harsher comments pointed to Amazon’s obvious agenda to drive more sales to its website with its “Firefly” product recognition technology, and modest specifications.

Now after just a little more than two weeks after its reveal, the Amazon Fire Phone’s sizzle may have have cooled off a bit, but what are the possible reasons and causes for this happening? More...

Apple Announces Lower Prices for the iPod iTouch

clock July 1, 2014 17:28 by author Frank Ling

When the iPod iTouch was first released almost seven years ago people scratched their heads in puzzlement and asked, “What’s it for?” It didn’t have phone capacities but functioned like an iPhone.

Some people thought the device was too expensive and didn’t stand a chance. Why buy an iTouch when you could buy an iPhone?

But as it turned out there were a good number of people who were interested in buying this "media player." But of late, sales of the iTouch have fallen flat, and Apple is trying to jumpstart the device's business. More...

iPhone 5S and 5C prices slashed: Is the iPhone 6 Near?

clock June 27, 2014 11:15 by author Frank Ling

Typically when present generation iPhones start to get their prices reduced by retailers, it usually means one thing—the next gen model is close behind and will be launching soon.

If this bit of Apple wisdom is true, then Walmart will be one of the first retailers that will be doing this. It announced today, Friday, June 27, it will be discounting the 16GB iPhone 5S from $149 to $99.

As for the slow selling candy-colored iPhone 5C, it will drop further in price from its present $49 to a mere $29. These prices will only be available from wireless carriers AT&T and Sprint with a two-year contract. More...

Get Ready for More than One iWatch in the Fall

clock June 25, 2014 20:08 by author Frank Ling

For anyone looking forward to a new gadget from Apple, at the top of the list will be the new iWatch, which is expected to launch sometime in October.

While news of the upcoming device is nothing new, what is new is that there may be more than one iWatch during the launch. Inside sources seem to indicate that the high tech device will come in different screen sizes.

Apple has been long overdue for a real “wow” product and all bets seem to be on the success of the iWatch. If it doesn’t pan out to be something that the public can get excited about, you can almost be certain that Apple stocks, and Tim Cook’s reputation, will go quickly south. More...

Microsoft and Google to Add Kill Switches on Their Phones

clock June 20, 2014 17:55 by author Frank Ling

When Apple introduced iOS7, one of the new features on the operating system was a kill switch function. If an iPhone were stolen or lost, the user could remotely wipe all data on the iPhone for security and also lock it permanently, making it useless.

The results were dramatic as iPhone thefts in metropolitan cities, such as San Francisco, reported that stolen iPhones dropped an astounding 38 percent since the introduction of the kill switch feature.

Interestingly enough Samsung phones, which don’t have kill switches, rose by over 40 percent in thefts in some cities. Microsoft and Google, after intense pressure from law enforcement and politicians, will adopt the kill switch feature in their phone products next year. More...

Amazon Unveils Its First Smartphone: The Fire Phone

clock June 18, 2014 18:10 by author Frank Ling

The Amazon phone has been long expected for several years, but today marked the launch of the Fire Phone to a crowded audience of journalists and tech fans at the Fremont Studios in Seattle, Washington.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, took to the stage and gave a one-man performance in showing off his new gadget, while onlookers were intently paying attention to his slide show and real-time demonstration of the Fire Phone.

But as the presentation proceeded, it was evident to many that Amazon’s new phone not only provides the rumored “3D” glassless experience, but it has been set up as a marketing-sales device that makes online shopping on Amazon a snap. More...

Samsung May Release a Foldable Tablet in 2015

clock June 12, 2014 12:04 by author Frank Ling

One thing about electronics you can always count on--they usually get smaller and more powerful over the course of a short span of time.

In the case of tablets, there is a fine line between phablets, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphones, which are approaching 6-inches for its displays, and smaller tablets measuring 7-inches. The fine line is getting blurrier all the time.

But if Samsung has its way, it may make this line disappear when it releases its rumored foldable tablet sometime next year. And if this device is real, this will mark another milestone in electronics that may open up another new market for consumer gadgets. More...

Apple iWatch Rumors Start to Heat Up: Part 2

clock June 11, 2014 16:13 by author Frank Ling

In part one of Apple iWatch Rumors Start to Heat Up, we talked about how all the clues and rumors around the Internet were pointing to a release of the iWatch by Apple sometime this year.

The expectation for this device has been around since 2011, but the conditions that are coming together now seem very convincing that the iWatch will finally be a reality for eager tech and Apple fans, and soon.

Now we seem to know the “if and when,” but the question of what the iWatch will do is still the big question. However, there are some pretty good guesses out there and we’ll reveal them here. More...

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